Facebook friend of mine posted a picture of the car he bought for his 16 year old daughter. He got her a brand new 2020 BMW as her FIRST CAR!

I try not to be to judgy, but so is life... Maybe I'm judgy, perhaps jealous? I'm not quite sure but his reasoning is that she's kept up good grades and he told her she'd get a brand new Beamer if she did so.

The car came with a red bow on it and the whole bit... Surely she was stoked. I think back to my first car. I thought I was beyond lucky that I got a 12 year old Cadillac. It was a 1990 Coupe DeVille passed down from my grandparents and honestly, I was pretty spoiled to have that, and I knew it.

But at what age should you get your dream car? Is good grades in high school enough? Should you have to wait until you've "made it" in life? My fiance Stacy has always wanted a white BMW, she's finishing up her PhD and I feel like she'll deserve to have her "doctor" car once she finishes the years and years of education she's put in, and I feel like that's justified.


I do think, however, if your first car is a brand new BMW, you'll never really appreciate what it means to have earned nice things, to have earned a nice car, and a nice house, etc. My second car was brand new by the way, but it was a 2004 Hyundai. Not nearly as exciting as a BMW.

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