Idaho draws in the celebs for a little escape and it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger is hitting up the slopes. 

Arnold was spotted in Sun Valley on Monday hitting the slopes and going for a bike ride. He has a vacation home in Sun Valley, so Arnold is a bit of a regular there.

I don't think he found it humorous, but according to one of the signs at the Sun Valley Resort had been changed from "Arnold's Run" to "Arnold's Maid" poking fun of the affair and love child he had with his former housekeeper. If you've seen his love child, who is now an adult, there is no denying it is Arnold's child. He looks exactly like him. The affair was the demise of Arnold's 25-year marriage to Maria Schriver.

After Arnold brought up the fact that it bothered him the resort was kind enough to change the sign back to "Arnold's Run."

Arnold's looking quite a bit older these days. The 71-year-old was spotted with a nearly white beard, but still getting around just fine. No word on if Arnold is still in Sun Valley hitting the slopes.

I've haven't been to the Sun Valley area, but it seems like it's a prime spot to spot celebs. Especially this time of year with all of the great skiing. In the summertime, the popular spot in Idaho where the celebs tend to flock is Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Have you ever spotted a celebrity here in Idaho?

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