Home delivery services and grocery pick up locations have grown incredibly over the past few years here in Idaho. Soon, not only can you get groceries delivered to your home, but Walmart is testing a new delivery service that will deliver groceries right to your refrigerator.

That’s right, it’s not enough that Walmart will deliver groceries to your car for pick up at the front curb of their stores or that Albertsons, Amazon and Jet.com will deliver right to your home. Now, Walmart is testing a new delivery service where your groceries are delivered not just to your house, but right into your fridge, while you’re not at home. Can I get a whoop whoop?

The test is going on right now in the Silicon Valley in California with a small number of people who have opted in to try the service.  To get the service, you have to have the August-Home Security app.

For people who are concerned about having a stranger in their house, this is the way it works:

Delivery drivers will have a one-time pass code that then will allow them to unlock the door, enter the home and put away groceries that need to be refrigerated, in the fridge. Then when they leave, the door locks and the pass code changes. Customers will also get a text notifying them of their delivery. For extra safety, August Home Security cameras will also allow customers to watch the delivery take place.

What do you think? Is this a great idea or does it go too far?


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