After getting stuck on I-84 on Friday and then taking an alternative route back I was curious which one you prefer in these times. If you have an iPhone there are maps and google maps that come stock with the phone or at least the iPhone version does.

What difference have you seen? I mean one is owned by Apple and one Google so there is that difference but what else?  According to Apple has Flyover mode, Google has Street View. What is Flyover mode? Well, Brie Barbee of says:

This feature enables you to explore densely populated urban centers in 3D landscapes composed of models of buildings and structures. Flyover also has what are known as City Tours, which guide you around various landmarks in a city. There is no real equivalent in Google Maps (although Google Tour Creator comes close).

I normally always use Google Maps but after Friday on I-84 I was questioning it and thought well I will ask you if you prefer one or the other or maybe another map app? Google Maps has been around much longer than Apple Maps but since the 2012 launch, it has seen some major improvements.

What say you on these two maps?



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