On Monday students at Nampa Christen School went back to the classroom, now another school is opening their doors. 

Kids at Payette High School will resume in-person classes after meeting the Idaho State Board of Educations re-entry criteria.

What does this look like? According to an article on KTVB, students can schedule appointments with their teachers and meet with them in person at the school in the school gym where there is a lot of space and they can practice social distancing.

Payette High School principal, Jake Williams said,

“Kids are screened when they come in, the areas will be sanitized and all that sort of thing. We ask a few basic questions like if they've had any symptoms, we do take their temperature in order to keep everyone safe.”

The kids will also work at desks with plexiglass between them and their teachers.

The meetings are designed for kids who were falling behind, who were not doing their at home packets and this will help them catch up.

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