Flowers and necklaces are nice on Mother's Day, but sometimes just seeing that the silverware drawer has been closed all the way is pampering enough.  If making a mom feel special is the point, we've got 25 easy ways to do it.  

If someone asks a mom how she balances everything day in and day out she'll probably say she has no idea because she never stops to think about it.  She just makes it happen, and when Mother's Day rolls around and people want to honor her it feels strange because she just does what's needed.  Oh, moms, you are awesome.

Flowers, jewelry, and expensive brunches with the whole family are always popular on Mother's Day, but with tight budgets right now, it might be a great year to offer mom some freebies that she'll love.

In my everyday experience with three girls, I've noticed a few simple things that could be done or not done around the house that could help flatten Mama's anxiety curve and give her peace and rest on Mother's Day.  I bet you can add to this list too.

25 Things I Want For Mother's Day That Are Totally Free

1.  Quiet.  That is all.

2.  Someone remembers to put the armrest cover on the couch so there are no cat claw marks in the leather.

3.  Shut the drawer.  Just shut it.  When you get something out of it, close it once again.

4.  Put the scissors back where they belong.  Mama can never find scissors when she needs them.

5.  Follow through on the coupon book promises from last Mother's Day.  I still want that back massage.

6.  Don't ask where stuff is.  Just search until you find it.

7.  If you can't find something, don't launch into hysterics.  We haven't left the house in a month and it has to be near.

8.  Let Mama win a Mario Kart 8 race once in a while.  "Oh look, Mama is in a respectable sixth place" gets old and you should let me pass sometimes.

9.  Add things to the grocery list before I go to the store and not 5 minutes after I get home with a hundred dollars worth of stuff I hope you will like.

10.  Finish the art projects on the table before starting new ones.

11.  When you're talking, don't also fiddle with door handles and knobs.  If you keep it up, once day they will fall off.

12.  Don't say "Mama!" then "Guess what?" followed by "Do you know what I did?"  That makes me say "What?" three times in a row and it's not necessary.  Just start talking and I'll catch the wave.

13.  If you're going to wrap yourself around my ankles and hold me captive that's fun and it's fine.  For the first two and a half minutes.  Then it's time to let go.

14.  Watch animated movies with me.  You may have outgrown cartoons, but I have not!  You and me and some PG.  It'll be fun.

15.  Stop bothering Alexa.  She's proven that she knows how many moons can fit inside the sun, and she doesn't deserve to be fired just cuz.

16.  Eat the red peppers without picking them out.  I'm happy you like the squash, but the red peppers have loads of Vitamin C and they deserve to be in your body.

17.  Start sentences with words, not grunts.  When the first sound out of your mouth is a long "Uuuuuuggghhhhh," your room is still not clean.

18.  Paint more.  Let your artistic side go wild and don't reign in your creativity or judge your process.  I will happily display whatever you come up with.

19.  Realize that when you ask "why" questions, ninety percent of the time I don't know and I'm using an answer I got from Alexa.

20.  Take yourselves off the screens after a reasonable amount of time so I don't have to set a limit.

21. Make me sniff cool cucumber lotion and warm vanilla sugar candles more often.  Those are the new versions of stopping to smell the roses and I like it when you stick them in my face when I least expect it.

22.  Bake cookies and make a mess.  There is beauty in the process.

23.  Ride a bike with me and take charge.  I'll follow your lead.

24.  Keep pulling me out of my routine.  Yes, I will play with you and be in your moment.  These are the times we'll remember.

25.  Keep up that sweet gratitude.  Being thankful for a restaurant meal, shoes, and a cozy blanket is really fantastic.  You have the biggest hearts in the world.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

A great Mother's Day doesn't have to cost a thing. With a little quality time and a whiff of a warm vanilla sugar candle, it could be the best one yet.




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