Obviously it happens, but are these people even real? Is it laziness? Are you just an a-hole? How does this work in real life?

This has been an issue in my neighborhood in Meridian. In fact, we have a neighborhood Facebook page and occasionally someone posts a reminder to pick up after your dog if he/she poops on a walk. And I think most of the time, we assume it was one of our actual neighbors.

In this case, someone was CAUGHT! Red handed! Letting their dog poop in our neighbors yard, but it turns out, the guy and his dog live in a different neighborhood! He just admits he lets his dog use our neighborhood as a toilet. I really felt like these people didn't actually exist in real life but they do, and he was apparently pretty proud of it.

I'm a dog person, I love them, I have them, but I wouldn't let them just poop in someone else's yard.

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