You watched me for over an hour yesterday, so I felt I should fill in some gaps so you can fully understand what was happening

An Open Letter
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October 2, 2015

Dear Drone Operator,

Your drone hovered above me for about an hour yesterday and I thought I should fill you in on what was happening so you can fully enjoy the photos and video you captured. We can't let yesterday go as a "missed connection!"

I was the short brunette in black workout pants and a black Jackson Hole t-shirt along the Boise River late in the afternoon. I was all alone on sandbar that stuck out along the water.

When I first noticed your drone above me, I thought you were just cruising the Boise River on a fall day. Nope. You dropped your drone even lower and stayed right above me for a good 45 minutes. Were you able to capture all of my emotions? At times, I was shaking, tears were streaming down my face and I was talking to myself. I really hope my streaked mascara is visible in your photos. Could you see that I have green eyes through all the puffiness? I finally found the strength to do what I came there to do. I took off my shoes (did you like my pink sparkly toes?) picked up the brown wooden box I brought with me and waded out into the cold water up to my knees. I said a few more words to myself. I'm not sure how those microphones work on drones. Were you able to hear the words coming out of my mouth? It might have been difficult to understand through my tears as I was saying, "I love you Gunny." Your drone was directly above me so I'm not sure if you got a good angle as I opened the box and poured my beloved black lab's ashes into the water at his favorite spot in the river. Those things are so impressive these days, I bet you could see every last grain of ash!

I planned to have this moment alone. I could have asked one of my girlfriends to come with me or my brother but decided it was something I needed to do on my own. It was mine and Gunny's spot that we went to everyday for 13 years. And here you took it upon yourself to be a part of this moment that only took me 2 months to find the strength to do. Wow. Words can't even describe what I think of you.
Are you going to watch it over and over again? Maybe show it to friends? I know! You should show it before the Boise State game tomorrow night! Invite all your buddies over and gather the family around the TV. "Look at this woman saying goodbye to her 13 year old black lab who meant the world to her!" Post it on your Facebook page! Upload it to YouTube! Who wouldn't want to watch a dog owner saying goodbye to her best friend over and over again. That's good stuff!

I just wanted to publicly thank you for taking a very personal moment and ruining it for me.

Kate McGwire

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