Preventing Drones Interfering With Fire Fighting
The first national system intended to prevent hobby drones from interfering with planes and helicopters fighting wildfires has been launched. During the Table Rock Fire and the Mile Marker 14 fire, drones forced firefighters to halt their air assault...
Ada County Landfill Cuts Costs With Drone
The Ada County landfill uses a manned plane once a year to survey the landfill and collect data, which cost them $20,000 per flight. Officials say they will be able to cut their costs and save taxpayers around $13,000 annually all by using a drone...
Drone Footage Of Gorgeous McCall
I love seeing drone footage of our beautiful state!
Mix 106 listener, Bill Alicea, took this video while in McCall over 4th July weekend.
It doesn't get much better than this! Blue skies and gorgeous water!
Enrique Iglesias Slices Fingers on a Drone
Would all artists keep performing after getting fingers sliced by a drone?  Enrique Iglesias tried to catch a drone that flew over the stage, and the blades ended up slicing his fingers.  There wasn't just a little blood either...it looked kinda bad.