Have you heard of Adventure Hunt??

It's coming to Boise on April 15th!!

It’s basically like a modern day treasure hunt! It’s a lot like The Amazing Race, but way cooler!

They send you a list of adventures and challenges you have to complete to unlock the treasure map and clues to help you find the treasure!

A friend of mine did it in Florida last year with her sister and it was so cool to follow along with their adventure and see the challenges they had to do. She said they had a blast and would definitely do it again! They had to do things like post videos of themselves at a certain location singing a specific song. The video above shows her with her sister singing Katy Perry's Firework before moving on to their next task!

You play the game to have fun, of course, but also to win awesome prizes like gear from GoPro, KZGear, Red Bull, and more! The 1st place winners’ treasure chest includes a 5 night vacation with a private villa at a luxurious resort in Panama!

Depending on which sign up option you choose, you could also get a swag bag with goodies before you start.

What a fun way to bond with a friend and explore Boise at the same time!

Get registered HERE before prices go up!

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