I'm one of those people.  You're probably one of those people too.  Yet, I have to believe many of us are not being totally honest when we say we hate candy corn.  Are you being honest? 

I have a candy mug in my office.  I try to keep it full with various candies throughout the year.  I have had Hershey Kisses, Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Roll Pops, mints, and various chocolate options over the last few months.

The rule I use is that I stock it with a candy option that I don't like.  It keeps me from sampling the merchandise.

I am one of the people who truly doesn't like candy corn.  It's a combination of being too sweet and leaving a waxy aftertaste.  Most people in our office have said they are with me, and hate the horrible "seasonal" candy, but the evidence points to a different reality.

I have NEVER had to refill my candy mug more than I have the last few weeks with candy corn.  It's just not possible so many people "hate it" when I keep finding them digging into it when they're in the office.

Is this just one of those "guilty pleasures" that people don't want to own?  It seems so at my desk.  Have you found this to be true too?


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