This past Friday we got to bring some delicious pizza from Legends Pub & Grill over to the awesome crew at Allante Life Med Spa. We need to know who needs us to supply lunch for their office THIS week!

We've realized this is actually a lot of fun. They gave us the key to our clunky red Mix 106 van so we drive around the Treasure Valley honking the horn at people and delivering lunch. It's kind of a win/win. This past week we had pizza from Legends Pub & Grill and we got to hook up Keri and the crew over at Allante life med spa.

This coming week, we need a new office to supply lunch to! Make sure you reach out through the DM feature in the Mix 106 mobile app and we'll get your office in the running to win free lunch delivered right to your office.

And honestly... We're down to go for a drive because it's the company's gas. So, we'll hook you up in Boise but we're also down to cruise out to Kuna, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell. We'd go as far as Ontario if we need to (I need to make a stop in Ontario anyway).

We just want to get out and meet people and spread love. And quite honestly, the best way to spread love is through the stomach, right? Nothing says I love you more than feeding someone. So, make sure you have our app downloaded and we can't wait to drop food off to your office!

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