I am always looking to add to my fly fishing collection in general and this time I was able to add a rod to the family.

I already have 2 5 weights and an 8 weight, then I wanted one for Bass in the area so I grabbed a 6 weight. The 6 weight I chose was the TFO ( Temple Fork Outfitters) and it was the BVK which was designed by Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot. TFO is a great brand, with a great warranty and a good price. Not only are they using new materials in this rod ( BVK)  but It's lightweight and I cannot wait to use it. Thanks to my friend John Staats of Rock Creek Mercantile for setting me up with this rod, he had some great advice.


Like I had mentioned I got this mainly for Bass, maybe Pike? There are so many lakes around here and reservoirs that Bass fishing is a big deal. Thats where this 6 weight may come in handy and be fun and a fight with a nice bass on.

The next rod I believe I will get is a 4 weight. For some of the small creeks, streams and rivers in the area as well.

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