When was the last time you laced up the skates and hit the ice? More than likely the dance that occurs when the first slide of the feet across the slick surface you feel a bit uncomfortable.  For a group of teens at Idaho Ice World, they are getting the extra attention and guidance they need to make for a comfortable experience every time. Thanks to a Grant from Prudential who support the U.S. Figure Skating Team coaches and volunteers are taking time out to give back. The program was created specifically to help families of children with disabilities. The Boise Parks and Rec have given these parents and children exactly what they are asking for, more attention and boosting their self confidence.

Parents of the program say that their children have experienced so many highs each on and off of the ice. The skaters don't take a single second for granted. The smiles on there faces prove it. If you have an interested skater who wants to put the boots on and do a little bit of ice skating contact Idaho Ice World at 208-608-7718.

To learn more about Adaptive Programs that the Boise Park and Recreations offers click HERE.

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