As the weather warms, a lot of Boise residents like to hit the beautiful Boise's only natural, but this year that quick little walk or run is about to cost you $1000


In a story that appeared on KBOI TV News, The Boise Parks and Recreation is warning Boise residents to take the Greenbelt Closures seriously.  Doug Holloway, Director of Parks and Recreation for Boise says “It is trespassing and not only is there an issue of danger on the Greenbelt but there also is the possibility of getting a misdemeanor citation.”

For now, Boise police officers are only warning trespassers and trying to educate Greenbelt visitors to the danger and possible citation, but soon, instead of education, you could find you way onto the business end of a misdemeanor fine for trespassing which carries with it a charge of up to $1000.

The Boise River is within a few feet of the Greenbelt right now due to high water coming from the three dams that feed into the Boise River. And in some places the pathway is completely under water.

Mix 106 has continued to warn about accidentally falling in the river ….if you do fall into the river and have to be rescued, according to the Boise Parks and Rec Department, you could be facing a bill to pay for the services of the Fire department having to rescue you. So that’s a $1000 fine and a bill for rescue, talk about adding insult to injury.

Just remember to stay away from the river and off the Greenbelt, till further notice…your pocketbook will thank you.  If you really need a trip on the Greenbelt, here's a video for you to enjoy..

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