I had a fun flashback when I jumped on Netflix, I found a show I watched as a kid. Do you remember this one?

Nickelodeon had some great shows when I was growing up. "All That", "Hey Arnold", "Clarissa Explains It All", to name a few. This one was animated and once I started watching it I instantly remembered it, the start of the show was very vivid in my brain.

"Rocko's Modern Life" is now on Netflix! Cool to see some of these old shows are coming available for stream. Rocko, Hefer, and Filburt are still as funny as I remember. The show premiered in 1993, crazy to think it was that long ago. It only lasted 3 years I believe so wasn't a long standing show but memorable.

I guess they have a Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling? I also saw Invader Zim is making a comeback on Netflix.


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