Good news, Iggy Azalea fans—it looks like like rap-pop artist is gearing up for the release of her sophomore album. Or, well, at the very least is already hard at work on it!

The "Fancy" singer sent out a series of illuminating tweets on Saturday August 8, discussing some of the details about her next album while answering questions from fans. The discussion began when Azalea tweeted from the studio, sharing that things were "going great and moving along," and that she had already completed recording six tracks for her next album.

Of course, then came the onslaught of eager, excited inquires from her fans—after all, she did send that tweet out to over 5.57 million followers—to which the singer graced a handful of replies. And actually, the impromptu Q&A was quite revealing, Iggy sharing a good deal of information about the as-yet-untitled follow up LP to come, including her estimate of how many tracks to expect and when to expect the first single. See below:

To recap, Iggy plans to release a new single in 2016 (though that's like, almost five months away at least, which is really about 400 years in the music biz). The album will very likely contain less than twelve songs (she "may even do just ten") and if you're hoping for a deluxe edition, which has pretty much become standard for pop artists, you're dreaming, because she's not planning on it. (You'll get a standard edition and like it, you ingrates!) Oh, and she has no idea "what the deal is with the vinyls," but she'll keep your requests "in mind when the time comes."

Deluxe editions and vinyls aside, what fans will for sure be getting along with the record's release is a documentary. And when she was asked if her album would be more "personal" this time around, Iggy had this to say:

There you have it. Are you excited for Iggy's next record?


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