In what has been one of the most heartbreaking stories to come from the Treasure Valley in the last few months, we regret to report even more bad news. 

Five month old Kyrae Vineyard passed away Saturday afternoon after being left in a family car. Vineyard name was released this afternoon 5/22. As a parent reading this absolutely breaks my heart. Our news partners KTVB reported that beautiful young Kyrae was in the guardianship of the mother's boyfriend. She was left unattended for an undisclosed amount of time, police asked what happened and was told that he simple forgot that she was out there. The babies father who lives in Eastern Idaho was not present during the incident. The weather was incredibly warm over the weekend, and the temperature in a closed car that spends any amount of time in the sun with the windows up can be unbearable to even a 35 year old man.

Caldwell police are still investigating this case and are asking the public for any information. Crime Stoppers will answer your tips at 343-COPS. No parent should have to experience the pain that the Vineyards are going through now, and our MIX Family is sending our deepest condolences and prayers to them.  An autopsy is scheduled for sometime tomorrow, Tuesday 5/23 that should shed some light as to cause of death. - JD

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