Over 260 earthquakes have happened in Southern Idaho since Labor day weekend with 34 happening just yesterday. What does the earthquake swarm mean? Is a big one about to hit Idaho? Is a volcano ready to erupt?

Credit, USGA
Credit, USGA

Some scientists believe that South East Idaho could be headed for an earthquake of 7.0 or larger, while others say that isn't necessarily the case. Whatever the case, it's always good to be prepared and know what to do if a big earthquake does hit.

The threat of an earthquake  in Idaho is bigger than 90 percent of the other state in the U.S. A lot of people don't realize that Idaho has some major faults that run through the state.

Do you even know what to do in the event of an earthquake?  According to Ready.gov here are things you should do if you are in a building when an earthquake hits.

    • Stay where you are until the shaking stops. Do not run outside. Do not get in a doorway as this does not provide protection from falling or flying objects, and you may not be able to remain standing.
    • The Earthquake Country Alliance advises getting as low as possible to the floor. People who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices should lock their wheels, bend over, and remain seated until the shaking stops. Protect your head and neck with your arms, a pillow, a book, or whatever is available.
    • Hold on to any sturdy covering so you can move with it until the shaking stops.
      • Drop down onto your hands and knees so the earthquake doesn’t knock you down. Drop to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!) Cover your head and neck with your arms to protect yourself from falling debris. If you are in danger from falling objects, and you can move safely, crawl for additional cover under a sturdy desk or table. If no sturdy shelter is nearby, crawl away from windows, next to an interior wall. Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls, and anything that could fall.

Click on the link below for more hints and tips on earthquake preparedness.

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