There are a few corn mazes here in the Treasure Valley and they're a ton of fun. Here's where they are and why they're better than haunted houses in 2020.

  1. 2020 is scary enough. The critical thinking involved in a corn maze will offer a fine distraction from the perils of our time.
  2. Social distancing! Haunted houses are filled with people, they're typically indoors and they have creeps breathing heavily on you.
  3. You're outside!
  4. You can bring your dog... Dogs are known to bring down anxiety, which we do not need more of in 2020.
  5. If you want it to be scary, watch the 80's film Children Of The Corn first and you'll be sufficiently freaked out.

Here are three Corn Mazes you can check out here in the Treasure Valley:

  1. Linder Farms: Just south of the Freeway on Linder. Complete with a pumpkin patch and all the Instagram ready spots you could hope for. This is a must do in the fall here in the Valley.
  2. The Lowe Family Farmstead is Idaho's ORIGINAL Corn Maze. The 2020 theme of the corn maze, by the way, is "man's best friend". There's a DOG in the maze!
  3. You also need to check out Twin Oaks Farms in Eagle, where they literally have hay rides and a whole Halloween land!

As I've previously written, Idaho's weather provides for one of the most beautiful fall seasons in the entire country, we may as well take advantage and get out and have some fun, right? Enjoy the corn maze!

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