I will always remember that day. The sounds of a quite campus, the sour feeling in the depths of my stomach and my heart hurts and confused. After watching the events unfold on live TV it's still so hard to believe it was 15 years ago when it feels like it was just yesterday. Much like the rest of the world it was hard to take in what happened that Tuesday morning. Even writing this on the eve of the anniversary you kinda of just sit back and think, my god did this really happen? I remember waking up at my girlfriends apartment to her roomate screaming at the door. Turning on the TV and watching almost in a frozen state of disbelief. It still feels like it was  part of a really intense well made disaster film from Jerry Bruckheimer. Instead of Tom Cruise saving New York City or Will Smith leading the country to victory it was men and women who on a daily basis run towards the danger instead of away from it. It was the Police, Paramedics, Firefighters that saw what was in front of them and instead of letting the fear that undoubtedly came over every single one of them they tucked it in when the got dressed in the morning and did their jobs. As we re-live the moments of that day now 15 years beyond I would hope that we can say thank to our Treasure Valley emergency crews. The men and women of the Boise Police Department, The Ada County Paramedics, all the Sheriff's officers and the Ladder Companies of The Boise Fire Department. They do a thankless job and on a day like 9/11 I for one feel like they deserve a little extra love.

I think sometimes it's really easy for us to remember the tragedy that was 9/11 and not think about the good that shined through. Volunteers, regular people stepping up to help. Our nation was united, indivisible, with love and a common goal. What happened in NYC, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania has changed the world. We all can remember every moment as if it just happened. What I will be doing with my family is remembering the bravery and the compassion that came from people just like you and me. If you are looking for events around the city to remember September 11th check out the list below.