I was reading an article about super small towns in Idaho that people probably didn't know existed. I've lived my whole life in Idaho and thought there would be no way that I hadn't heard of these towns. But I was wrong!

Onlyinyourstate.com came up with 15 super small towns that you probably didn't know existed, and sure enough about 5 or 6 of these towns I have never heard of.  How about you? I was born and raised in Idaho and had never heard of Moore, Huetter or Bloomington.  (I've heard of Bloomington Illinois, but not Idaho) Now granted each town has less than 200 people, but that shouldn't be an excuse, because I have heard of Hope, Dixie and Elk River and they all have under 150 people.

Take a look at the entire list of 15 towns that you might not know exist in Idaho below and see how many you've heard of



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