As kids, we want more than anything to grow up, but once we grow up we want to go back in time and relive the "good ol' days". A time when we didn't have bills, a job, and real responsibilities to take care of. It's fun though to do things to feel like a kid again. The latest craze was adult coloring books. There are some things that are less accepted once we reach adulthood though, like making a face at a stranger in line at the grocery store or skip down the halls at work. While still fun, you may get a different response than a 5 year old.

This adorable photo session caught my eye as I was planning my son Cooper's first birthday party for the end of this month.

Photographer, Amiee Berry of AJ's Expressions, had her friend, Jackie Slinkard, ask for a photo shoot for her 30th birthday. She wanted to do something fun and different, while putting a positive spin to celebrate this new phase of her life that sometimes has a negative connotation. The two women put their heads together to come up with an original idea.

They decided to do a cake-smash photo shoot, which is typically done for a child's first birthday. Jackie wore a gold glittery crown with "30" on the front and a tutu with her white and gold tank top that read "Birthday Girl". They also had a white cake and a very cute milestone chalkboard sign. Other than the fact that she was celebrating her thirtieth birthday and not first, the only other difference in this cake-smash photo shoot was the addition of a champagne flute and bottle of bubbly.

How fun is that?! What do you think of the unique photo shoot? I'm just mad I didn't think of it!

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