I always search Twitter to see what's going on in Idaho and I found a selection of lame Idaho jokes I thought I'd share with you...

So, there's a good chance you've heard some of these before, or you haven't because they're so awful... Awful is anything that emphasizes the "HO" part of Idaho, but I sadly still got a chuckle at this one:

Any sort of "small potatoes" joke is certainly guaranteed to disappoint.

This guy is looking at the bright side, I suppose?

Here's a relatable Idaho joke about the weather... Idaho weather is tricky business.

Okay, when you see these kinds of things in parking lots, you know you're in Idaho...

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Any "just the tip" joke is fine in my book, but I'm still in the seventh grade, so...

Is this a pale reference? Coming from Conan O'Brien????

I don't know about you but my plate says "1A 4 LYFE!", baby!

Some more lame emphasis on the "HO" part of Idaho... It really is the go-to. *insert eye-roll emoji*

Ok, okay... No IdaHO reference here, instead, a Pokemon/Idaho reference and nod to Ketchum!

Look, you came here for ten lame Idaho jokes to occupy some time while you were avoiding doing something else, so while I probably didn't give you a big ole' belly laugh, hopefully you successfully wasted some time and maybe even had a chuckle. Or at least nodded your head in disappointment, lol. These are some of the GEMS (get it? Gem State?) I found under the hashtag #IdahoJokes on Twitter. You're quite welcome.

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