People who have never been to the gem state will never understand Idaho. Idaho and Boise are certainly the pun of a few jokes and accusations in movies and tv for the last 40 years or more. Take our first one for example:

I'll give you the line and you see if you can guess the movie before watching the clip and scrolling down to see the answer....

"Sir, Would you please take us to the next corner and drop us off?"

"(chuckles) In this neighborhood? Ay, I wouldn't even get out of the car in this neighborhood."

"Could you drop us off at the nearest Mall?"

"A Mall!? Where ya'll think we at, Boise Idaho?!"

- Ok now any guesses???


Here's the clip....

Now that you've seen the clip do you know it?


Adventures in Babysitting. I used to love this movie growing up. I didn't fully catch onto the Boise reference until I watched it many years later.

Ready for more examples?

When asked about movies or tv that reference Boise but are not filmed in Idaho on Quora, Camille responded with, "I was watching "The Counselor" and Penelope Cruz suggested to Michael Fassbender that they move to "Boy-zee" (it's "Boy-see").

Camille continued, "I also recently watched a movie (“I Origins”) in which a scientist goes to Boise to follow up on some hunch he had. They couldn't have made Boise look more podunk if they tried: When he enters the diner and asks for a cup of coffee, he also asks the waitress what there is to do there. Her answer (in a strong Southern accent, for some reason; Boise is located in the Pacific NW) was, “nothin’ much, unless you like looking at cows and barns” (or something stupid along those lines).

On the same thread Nate commented "The Capital is mentioned in La La Land! It’s a small plot point, too.

“You should come.”

“…to Boise?”

“You can knock it off your bucket list…” *Sarcasm*

They continue to argue about why she cant come to Boise, see it below the Boise talk starts 40 seconds in.

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