Do you have a baby that you use baby wipes for...then you might want to pay attention to this recall of baby wipes that can cause pneumonia in your child.

Update: As of March 3rd, the original sources for this article claiming that baby wipes were recalled, has been deemed as false by Snopes. If you ever have concern about a specific brand of baby wipes, please contact the brand directly to see if there are any current recalls for the product. Below is the original post published on March 1st. 

Ten brands of baby wipes produced by Nutek Disposables, Inc., were officially recalled at the end of January.

After testing by the CDC, some of the wipes were found to contain a bacteria called, Burkholderia cepacia. It's an pretty dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can cause pneumonia. And since it's antibiotic-resistant, it can be especially hard to treat. This contamination is especially dangerous for people with weakened immune systems or chronic lung disease, especially cystic fibrosis patients.

The following brands are included in the nationwide recall:

  • Cuties
  • Femtex
  • Fred’s
  • Kidgets
  • Member’s Mark
  • Simply Right
  • Sunny Smiles
  • Tender Touch
  • Well Beginnings

The brands of wipes were sold at the following stores:


Family Dollar

Sam’s Club…

The company has so far been unable to determine the cause of the problem

“Consumers who have purchased this product can return it to the place of purchase for a full refund,” or contact the company with questions at 1-855-646-4351 Monday through Friday 8 AM – 2 PM Mountain time…


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