As an adult I would love a 4-day work week, I would be more than happy to work longer days to have a 3-day weekend each week. But I am not a parent so I never think about child care or some of the other hurdles that could come along with a change like that. The reason I ask is because there is a school district in Colorado that is making that change.

School District 27J is trying out a 4-day school week plan that seems to be gaining traction, mostly in rural counties. The district did the paperwork and believes they can save around $1 million dollars per year.

With a change like that it would require working parents to find a solution for their kids to be at home on all Monday's moving forward. The school district is offering child care for $30 per day for all students 12 years of age and younger.

The new school schedule will start next week. Do you think that this could work here, or is it more of a pain than it's worth trying to figure out day care on those Monday's that school is not in session?

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