I read a story about a guy who had an epic meltdown over his teenage son beating him in an arm wrestling match. Is your child stronger than you? Could you handle it if he was?

The story was about this 55 year-old dude in Kentucky who pulled out his gun and shot the ceiling after losing an arm wrestling match to his teenage son. Totally nightmare of a dad, obviously. But, makes me wonder (as a non-dad), how bruised would your ego be if your teenage son beat you at arm wrestling? Would you feel weak if you found out your kid made more money than you or ended up with better education/grades, etc?

Or would you be proud of who they are? I like to think I'll be the latter. I'm not exactly someone who goes around feeling like I have to prove anything to anyone; particularly when it comes to how manly I am or am not. How do you feel?

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