The last few years, Ada County Highway District has made the change from one-way to two-streets on a number of downtown roads.  Now, they're looking at Fifth and Sixth streets. 

The ACHD's Downtown Boise Implementation Plan has been the guiding force in the changes that have already been made, and now, Commissioners have voted not to change Fifth and Sixth streets from one-ways currently, to two-ways.

The City of Boise sent a memo from Mayor Dave Bieter that highlighted what they say are economic advantages of two-way streets in downtown areas, and Commissioners said they are reviewing that information.  There are numerous business and civic leaders who have also backed the position of the Mayor.

As is the case with any change, there are positive and negative sides to either decision, as traffic flow, parking, and bike access all would be impacted.

Boise Weekly has more on the controversy and the background leading up to it.

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