Idaho is the most dialect neutral state in the nation…That's right, Idahoans don’t have an accent. Did you know, that is why most companies actually use Idaho as a testing ground for phone solicitors. But for those of us who live here and move or live somewhere else and move to Idaho will notice that we do kind of have our own language and language dialects.

Some of them are easy and you probably already know…It’s Boy-see…not Boy-zee.  See that’s an easy one and one that will be instantly corrected the first time you say it to a native Idahoan.

..But how about crick and creek…. In Idaho it’s crick..not a creek. (I jumped over the crick and didn't get my shoes wet) I have heard some Idahoans say that it is also correct to say that a crick is just a smaller version of a creek, which is a smaller version of a river.

If you see a coyote, the e is silent and we don't serve soda....we serve pop. Fry sauce is something you put on your fries not something you fry with and a jockey box is what you put you crap in when your in your car...It is not called a glove box...unless you're one of them there foreigners from outside of Idaho

Click below and see some others...Do you have some examples? Share them in the comment section below



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