I discovered Jeff Dunham about 10 years ago thanks to my kids.  He is one of the funniest comedians I've ever seen and I've seen him live 3 times and now you have a chance to see him live too just by listening to Mike and Nicole

About ten years ago our kids brought us a DVD of a ventriloquist named Jeff Dunham and said we had to watch...my wife and I were less than enthused, but we decided to watch it as a family, since they very seldom wanted to spend time with us anyway. I'm so glad we did, because we were all laughing so hard that we had to keep rewinding the DVD because we kept missing stuff.  (SILENCE!  I kill you)  Achmed still makes me laugh (Watch the video below)

All this week, Mike and Nicole will be giving you a chance to win VIP Floor tickets with the Word of the Day. Listen in every morning at 6:50 to hear the Word of the Day, then when they say it again after 8am be caller number 6 at 376-5106 to win your free VIP tickets to see Jeff Dunham March 11th at Taco Bell Arena.  Click on the link below to purchase your tickets if you don't win..Good luck.

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