I think people overuse the phrase "OCD"; being clean is not a disorder, but are we headed in that direction with the hand washing and sanitizing?

Not that cleanliness is a problem, but I have noticed, a few weeks into this thing, that if it's been a while since I washed my hands or used hand sanitizer, I start to feel strange, maybe a little gross. I've always felt this after I've touched cash. I've heard for years that money is one of the most germ infested thing we come across in our daily life. Now I feel it if I touch anything, and I kind of wonder... Is this life now?

Will we all wash our hands and sanitize obsessively? Will our grandkids think we're kooky cause our hands are all cracked from the hand sanitizer? Or will we fall back into our old ways?

Either way, I think psychologists will be making a killing after all this is over.

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