An Australian news show made a harmful and insensitive joke about BTS in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic during their coverage of the 2022 Grammys.

An evening show called The Project delivered a series of remarks about the awards show, which took place Sunday night (April 3), but a video from the segment has since gone viral for all the wrong reasons on Twitter.

In particular, members of the BTS ARMY took understandable issue with a problematic joke about the septet in relation to the pandemic.

The segment noted that various members of BTS had in recent months tested positive for the virus. Jungkook was cleared to perform after quarantining for several days ahead of the show, according to Billboard.

The segment also showed a video of member V dancing and laughing in the crowd with an animation of COVID-19 germs spewing from his mouth.

You can watch the segment below. The joke takes place around the 0:38 mark:

The visuals and implication aired by The Project undoubtedly perpetuate harmful stereotypes that can lead to violence against Asians, something which has seen a dramatic uptick in the years since COVID-19 came into public consciousness as Asians continue to be unfairly scapegoated by racists.

It's also worth pointing out that V — who was turned into the butt of the joke — tested positive for the virus all the way back in February, according to Billboard. That was around the same time Justin Bieber — who also performed at the Grammys last night — was diagnosed with COVID-19, according to ABC.

However, the show chose to focus on BTS.

Fans took to social media to slam the news show for their inappropriate joke. Notably, both "APOLOGIZE TO BTS" and #StopAsianHate trended on Twitter as the video made its way across the platform.

"Wtf is wrong with you people? promoting asian hate? its funny that you will do everything for clout," one fan wrote in a heated tweet. "For fame, for recognition even if it means hating on someone. GET A LIFE. APOLOGIZE TO BTS. APOLOGIZE TO TAEHYUNG."

"Racism is never funny in any situation," another fan wrote. "What you are doing is purely racist. apologize to BTS immediately. Stop the racism."

"Whoever did this APOLOGIZE TO BTS and also us ASIANS. Being asian doesn't mean that we spread covid u know," some else wrote.

Check out some of the responses from the BTS ARMY below:

BTS delivered their first-ever on-site performance during the ceremony Sunday night. They were also nominated for a Grammy in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category.

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