This week looks clear, but we're probably not done with the snow yet this winter, right?  That's a good thing, because it turns out snow makes us happy.

I grew up in Nebraska and had my fill of snow living there.  I kinda got tired of waiting for those little snow balls to melt off of my dog's back legs that she accumulated every time she went outside.  Snow gets caught in strange places, not to mention it's not all that fun to scoop off of doorsteps and windshields.  But there are some things about snow that make us warm and fuzzy and happy.

An article that ran in the Huffington Post says snow links our minds to childhood memories,puts off a peaceful vibe, and brings fun activities like skiing and snow shoeing.  Here's my favorite part -- snow brings us together, and after a long day on the slopes or playing in the snow it's fun to snuggle up by the fire and cuddle with your sig other.  If only the snow could make a boyfriend as fast as it made Frosty.  But I digress.

The Farmer's Almanac thinks we'll have more snow and a cold snap in mid-February. Cool!  That's Valentine's territory, and therefore the perfect time to snuggle up.  And be happy.