Idaho, like the nation, continues to feel the brunt of rising gas prices.  Last week was Spring Break Week, and some Idahoans took their time off by staying at home instead of hitting the road. Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine is the number one reason gas prices are at historic highs.  

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Idaho's gas prices did rise by seven cents from last week. The current state average is $4.42 a gallon. The state legislature and the governor have failed to address this issue. While other states have suspended their gas tax, Idaho charges its residents the total gas tax. You can read our coverage of this proposal here.  

The highest prices for gas in the state were in the Treasure Valley and the Magic Valley, reports AAA in a release. The national average is twenty cents less than Idaho's at $4.25 per gallon. The lowest prices in the state are in Eastern Idaho and the Panhandle. Idaho is currently ranked as the eleventh most expensive state to buy gas. Usually, our state is in the top five.  

The national average declined by ten cents last week. However, most experts do not expect that trend to last much longer. President Trump told a crowd in Georgia that he expects the price of a barrel of oil to rise to possibly two hundred dollars.  Meanwhile, President Biden believes the fuel crisis is a wonderful opportunity for Americans to buy an electric vehicle.

Here's a look at current gas prices as of 3/28/22 courtesy of AAA Idaho/Oregon:

Boise - $4.54

Coeur d'Alene - $4.10

Franklin - $4.39

Idaho Falls - $4.33

Lewiston - $4.12

Pocatello - $4.42

Twin Falls - $4.51   

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