Summer is here and unfortunately so are rising gas prices. According to a report from AAA, Idaho has once again placed in the top ten states that have the most expensive gas in the country.

Idaho Gas Price Average Compared To Other States

To no one's surprise, AAA's report revealed that California has the highest gas price average with regular starting at $4.865/gallon and premium prices all the way up to $5.224/gallon. Hawaii, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah all follow with their average gas price starting at $4.136/gallon and higher. Alaska comes in 8th with $3.965/gallon with Idaho falling into the 9th spot with $3.89/gallon.

While it's still under $4/gallon, there is no doubt that that's where we're heading. We all remember how bad it got last summer and unfortunately for us, it appears as if we're trending toward another summer of high gas prices.

It's time to start saving where we can and using information from, we found the top ten places where you can find the cheapest gas in Boise. Sure, it's still expensive, but it's better than paying more than you have to... or more than the state average.

Thanks to our colleague, Michelle, we also have some pretty awesome gas hacks for you to save at the pump when things get wild this summer. These are pretty clever too!

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Luckily for us, Idaho doesn't have the most expensive tax on gas but as we all know that can change at any point. Here is where Idaho's gas tax ranks against surrounding states.

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