I will be the first to admit, I'm not exactly a "shopper."  I don't enjoy malls, and I don't like the hysteria of Black Friday in general.  Having said that, my need for a deal usually wins out and I brave the crowds to save.

That will NOT be happening at Macy's this year.

I am so disappointed to see THIS story in the USA Today that outlines their decision to open at 6:00pm on Thanksgiving Day.

Yes, it's a trend that has been growing the last few years - stores opening earlier and earlier Thanksgiving Day - but it's a bad trend and this is just insane.

I remember when you had to wait until - get this - FRIDAY to grab Black Friday deals.  Now, employees will have to go forget about Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family so they can get the store ready for the 6:00pm opening.

I love Thanksgiving.  I think the idea of giving only food and time is a very noble thing.  It's a moment where we put our crazy schedules on hold to connect with those we love and care about.  It troubles and saddens me that shopping is taking that over.

For that reason, I will be boycotting Macy's this year.

Will my little one-man-protest make a difference?  I'm certain not to them, but it sure will to me.

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