Toy stores. They're gone. You can only find toys in aisles at Target, Walmart, and a Fred Meyer. That's okay, but it's not a toy store like Toys R Us.

The one Toys R Us that we had was at the Village in Meridian. That location also had a Babys R Us and we absolutely loved it. Both have been gone for years, but that could be changing this Fall.

Leon Neal / Getty Images
Leon Neal / Getty Images

Toys R Us Making a Comeback at Macy's

Could it be? I'm a Toys R Us kid and it broke my heart when the location in Meridian closed. We actually have some cool memories taking our son and I remember looking for baby items at Babys R Us. That location closed back in the Summer of 2018 ending a memory for some of us kids, "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid."

We can only blame ourselves for shopping online which makes it hard for stores like this to survive. Well, Macy's might just have something to say about that after a big announcement Thursday from Macy's chief merchandising officer, Nata Dvir.

"As a Toys "R" Us kid, I could not be more excited to bring this beloved brand that so many of our customers know and love into Macy's online and to our stores across America. Our toy business grew exponentially in the past year, with many families looking to inspire their children's imagination and create meaningful moments together."

The Disney Store was once in malls across America including the Boise Towne Square before shutting doors. JC Penney picked up that brand and created a special Disney section. You can walk into JCP and pick up a great list of Disney items today. Macy's might just be following that lead come 2022.

Macy's Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings
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No word on which Macy's will get chosen, but fingers crossed. Over 400 Macy's stores will be hosting the childhood favorite toy store. You can go online now and purchase Toys R Us items at Macy's website. This opened today and you can read more at USA Today.

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