For every person that likes the 50 Shades Series and finds it entertaining, there’s a person who thinks it’s horribly inappropriate and promotes violence and abuse.

Whether you have read the books, seen the movies or just heard about it, most everyone knows the basis of the series.

The hashtag #50dollarsnot50shades is trending on social media. It’s a campaign that pushes the idea of instead of spending 50 dollars going to see "50 Shades Darker," donate that same 50 dollars to a women’s shelter instead.

There are people who look at the series as just a form of entertainment and feel that people have a choice to either see the movie or not if they don’t approve.

But there are also victims and survivors worried about how the movie will impact young people. Will they think that this behavior is acceptable and what being in love is like.

If you want to donate to any of the local women's shelters, a list of locations in the area can be found HERE.

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