Every time I move, I tell myself I won't do this again.  I won't wait until I'm leaving a house to clean out the things I don't use and clean up in a way that makes my house so nice.  Well, I did it again.

I'm getting ready to move in a couple of weeks, and I've started the packing process and have found myself back in that same old position.  I'm cleaning up the house to be nicer than I kept it for myself.  I'm making sure things are in a great position to hand off to someone else.  Also, I'm getting rid of the clothes, toys, and things I haven't needed during my time here.

It's such a strange thing that no matter how many times I do this and promise myself I'll do it differently next time, it seems I'm always back in this pattern.

When I started to clean out my closet this time, I made the rule that if I hadn't worn it in the last year, there was no need to keep it.  Even though that did mean saying goodbye to a few things that I could still convince myself I would use, I stayed true to that filter and took boxes to charity.

I'm squeegeeing my shower doors after every shower, instead of saying I'll clean it up soon and get back to a routine another time.

I've gotten rid of some of the old clothes and toys from my son, ones that he wasn't able to fit or interested in using for a long time, but it took the move to actually find the motivation.

My goal is not to have to pack a bunch of stuff that I'm not using, but will I learn and avoid it for next time?  Judging by history, probably not.


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