I just found out about this in my neighborhood Facebook page; a company that comes and cleans your trash cans so your garage doesn't smell like death!

I moved my trash can to the backyard last summer cause it just smelled so bad... The crazy thing is, we use bags and we put our trash out weekly. It's not like we just leave rotting chicken in a bagless bin for months on end but for some reason, especially in the hot Treasure Valley summer, these cans will stink up the garage so bad.

Well, I just found out about Meridian Bin Clean. I haven't had them over yet but it's quite a deal... For under $25 per month, you can have them come and clean both your trash and recycle bins. It's less if you're JUST doing the trash and not the recycle bin and I may change my plan after the first one, because let's be honest, the recycle bin, by nature, doesn't get as stinky. But since it's over a year old I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to get that one cleaned the first time around as well.

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I'm sure there are other companies that do this but Meridian Bin Clean certainly caught my eye. For the record, this is not a paid endorsement or anything, this is just a guy excited to NOT have rancid smelling containers sitting in my garage and even more excited that I don't have to get the hose out and attempt to do it myself!

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