It's looking quite a bite different at my house this weekend.  I will be moving next weekend, so the big cleanup has been going on, and that's meant some very empty spaces and some strange feelings.

I've been in my house for the last four years.  It was the first place I lived in after my divorce, and a place that has been the backdrop for many moments of growth, introspection, and in the end, great memories.

I knew from the moment I looked at the house that I would enjoy living there.  It would be a good move to downsize from the place I had shared with my wife and our son, and would allow me and the kiddo to reset and not have the lingering old memories or empty spaces that used to fit our "family."

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media
Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

This home was a great place to start our next chapter, and in the process, grow into the next version of ourselves.  So as the boxes are being filled and the pictures come down off of the walls, it's become a bit more emotional than I expected it to be.

The look down my hallway with the couch on the left, now shows the wall where my travel photos hung.  They reminded me of some amazing experiences that included meeting some incredible people, and motivation to keep seeing the world.

A little repair on the locations of the nails that held up the pictures and the canvas will be blank, allowing for new memories and experiences for the next person to be fortunate enough to call this place home.

Perhaps those same pictures will reappear in the new place, or perhaps this will be a reset and a new canvas to be filled with memories yet to be made.


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