Or anywhere in the Treasure Valley for that matter? I'm such a hypochondriac and I also become super freaked out when anyone else gets sick, even my dogs! Meet Titan, my chiweenie who has had a ruff couple of days, as I try and diagnose him without spending my life savings.

So this kind of came out of nowhere. Yesterday, the poor guy through up at least 5-6 times, among some other issues that I won't illustrate for you. The good news is, there was no blood, and I'm thinking maybe he just ate something his little 12 pound body didn't like. He seems to be in slightly better spirits today but not back to his normal self.

Whenever my dogs get sick, I fear the worst and think it's the end of days. Same with myself... I got a cramp the other day while I was running and thought I was having a heart attack, it's really ridiculous, and I'm aware, but it's just how I'm wired I guess.

Back to Titan... I'm not entirely sure what's going on with him and I figured I'd wait and see how he does today and if he's not feeling well, I'd take him in. But, I'm new here, and honestly, I haven't even considered what vet I should go to. And full disclosure, I've had some bad experiences before with animal hospitals trying to trick me into having hospitalizations and other things done that weren't necessary.

So, I'm hoping, maybe in the comments section here on the site/app or on Facebook, you could recommend a vet? I live in Meridian but I'm willing to travel, I just want to make sure my guys are taken care of. And in a dream world, I'd like to not spend my life savings to do so.

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