Something about this year has me really excited for the fall season to arrive quickly, no it's not because Pumpkin Spice Latte's are out. I'm really not sure why this year specifically I am so excited for big comfy sweatshirts and football on television but I am so ready to embrace some cooler weather and fall activities like finding pumpkins.

My wife Savannah is all about Halloween so she has been talking about decorations and costumes for months now... seriously. I'm sure the more that she has been talking about it has made me more excited for some pumpkin carving and even better than carving is eating the pumpkin seeds after you bake them in the oven and lightly salt them.

So, the search begins where can I find pumpkins for sale? Have you seen them at any grocery stores? I'm not picky on it being HUGE, just want some pumpkins so my wife can start decorating and I can eat some pumpkin seeds while being lazy on Sunday's watching my Seahawks play.

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