My thought was if parents are looking for them they will see it and it was too cute to  pass up. Plus we don't have too many non-candy treats but wanted to at least offer them.

If you don't know the teal pumpkin symbolizes that, that house has some non-candy treats for kids who are allergic to candy or maybe can't have certain kinds, or sugar at all. I got this little pumpkin downtown and decided to paint it teal and then adorn it with some polka dot glitter ribbon. I did learn that during this process it's important to have some sort of seal or varnish, which I have but didn't use and found out that the acrylic paint can chip off pretty easy if not the paint is not fully dried and even after that it still can.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

This is a great movement, I am addicted to sugar and want to stop eating so much so it's nice that we can have some options when out and about trick-or-treating, but candy is better and can be saved for all year long up above the fridge like where my grandma would hide it.


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