One of my hidden talents is pumpkin carving. I started taking pumpkin carving very seriously about 8 years ago when I was in high school. October is when post season baseball is on and I thought it would be fun to carve a Boston Red Sox pumpkin to support my favorite team. I was surprised at how well it tuned out. So then I took it to the next level and carved Tiger Wood’s face. The pumpkin actually won me a a pumpkin carving award. It was impressive. One year I carved Scooby Doo and another year I did LeBron James. I wish I still had all the pictures to show you. 

Ever since I discovered this hidden talent, I look forward to the challenge of carving an above average pumpkin each year. It’s a pretty time consuming process as you would imagine. First you have to carefully outline your pumpkin to know where to carve, which takes a lot of trial and error. Then comes the actual carving part which can afford absolutely no errors so you want to go slow and think twice before every carve. There’s always blood, sweat, and tears involved.

The end result is always fulfilling and worth it to me though. I throw all humility out the window and I’m quick to show off my pumpkins on social media - so make sure you follow along in my pumpkin carving experience this year @mallorymo_.

P.S. I’m looking for inspiration! If you have any ideas/challenges for me, send them my way!

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