The Foothills, the Boise bench, obviously great. But what are some unsuspecting areas? I stumbled upon a brand new neighborhood with amazing views this weekend, by accident!

Just to be clear... This is not an advertisement of any sort. In fact, the reason I know about this neighborhood is because I killed my lawn mower by banging the blade on a fire hydrant over the weekend and needed a new one, so I hit up Facebook marketplace. Found a lawn mower and the guy sent me his address. Holy moly was I impressed, once I got up there, of course. These are brand new homes in the Foothills in a community called "Harris North" that are on their OWN hill, so it takes a bit of navigating and weaving through neighborhoods to make it up there, but man is it worth it. Here's the kicker... The homes in this neighborhood, all brand new, start at $1.6 MILLION Dollars. If I had good credit, and twice the income I make now, I still couldn't afford it but I am excited for those who can!

Check out these views!

Anyway, I bought the lawn mower and headed back to my Meridian rental home. My view is of the house across the street that looks exactly like mine lol. But one day, I'll have a view like this! Will it be in the foothills? The Boise bench? Or will I one day get rich and buy a house on Harrison BLVD, where the view is all my neighbors houses? Only time will tell I suppose!

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