WalletHub has the best studies, where they take a range of key metrics to determine a general answer to these types of questions.

They are looking at average hours worked, multiple jobs, how much vacation time is unused and more. For hard working states the number one spot goes to North Dakota, most likely because of the oil boom. The least hard working is West Virginia, but where does Idaho land?

Idaho ranked in the middle at #25. They broke it down between direct work factors and indirect work factors. We were about the same on both but the one thing that we really shined on and we know this is true in the Treasure Valley is we have the 4th highest volunteer hours per resident. There is a lot of community giving in this state. I am glad we are not the hardest working state, cause work life balance is important but as this shows we do have some of that here. I believe the outdoors plays a role in that.

Source: WalletHub

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