Place your bets friends, winter is coming! Last year our first snow was on October 29th. Any bets on this year? The forecast is changing constantly! Here's what we know:

We know that it's going to cool down in the Treasure Valley as we head into the weekend, and we know we're going to get some precipitation. Will the stars align and will we get the right combination of weather vs precipitation to create some snow for us? Or will we just get rain? I've looked at the forecast several times and this Sunday (November 8th) seems to keep going back and forth between rain and snow, snow and rain, but hasn't committed to any actual flurries yet.

Looking ahead though, all next week it looks like we'll have highs in the 40's and a 40% chance of snow next Friday so there is a good chance that it'll snow, and then it'll snow again pretty quickly. Will it stick to the ground? Unlikely. It's just not that cold yet. However, it might be time to start preparing yourself for winter as the weather cools down and we head into the season where we get some more precipitation so now's the time to start thinking about all-season tires, making sure you have a shovel (just in case), leaving a little more time to get to work in the morning cause y'know, snow = chaos in terms of traffic and get ready for s'mores, Christmas music and the big guy wearing a mask as he climbs down the chimney this year.

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