Every year on Halloween, kids dress up in their favorite costumes, grab the pillowcase, and head out on the hunt for some serious loot. When I was little, I remember many Halloweens where my siblings and I would finish the evening dumping our pillowcases on the kitchen table, covering nearly every part of the surface.

Is it a great memory with many others having similar experiences? Absolutely. But what if we substituted candy for more useful items in life? What if the parents of Idaho discovered books or tools in their child's pillowcases instead of hundreds of Milky Ways?

As your friendly waiver - this is all hypothetical. There is no plot or plan in place to strip candy from Halloween. With all of that being said, we would all agree that there are several things that kids should be taught in school but aren't. This (hypothetically) could be the next best thing! Let's take a look at some trick-or-treat alternatives that would surely excite the parents of Idaho.

Have a suggestion? I would love to hear about it here, let me know what you think!

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